Moeller Method Secrets

Learn The Moeller Method To Rapidly Improve Your
Speed, Power, And Control Around The Drum Set!

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As You Keep Reading, You'll Discover How A Unique Technique Dating Back To The 1800s Combined With Several Key Related Techniques Will Enable You To Play With More Speed, Power, And Control!

How do all these top pros get such unbelievable hand speed around the drum kit? What is this "Moeller Method" I've been hearing so much about? Why is some technique from the 1800s such a secret anyway? Is it all just hype?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions - you are not alone. With all the misleading information in online discussion forums these days - it's hard to get a clear answer about anything. Everyone seems to have their own opinion, and often times it's beginners that read something somewhere that are now sharing "advanced tips" with you.

How do you cut through the hype?

The Moeller Method really isn't as "complex" as some top pro drummers would like you to believe. It is actually a very simple concept that, with practice, will enable you to dramatically improve your speed and accent control around the entire drum set. In fact, in some cases - drummers are actually able to double or even triple their speed with this method!

An Important Point To Consider

The Moeller Method has its downsides too! YES, the method that everyone seems to be hyping as the "ultimate" drum method has its own weaknesses. It alone will not solve all of your drumming needs.

More Than Just The Moeller Method

There are a number of key techniques that, when used with the Moeller Method, can make a significant impact in your drumming. The Moeller Method is an extremely important part of this combination, but still "just a part". Without having all the information - you might as well not be spending hours behind the kit practicing.

If you want to achieve the same speed, power, control, endurance, and dynamics that the pros have... you need to learn it all! Not just the Moeller Method, but also the key related techniques that will drastically improve your overall drumming! That is why I have gone to the source, and put together a complete training system that will reveal all of the Moeller Method Secrets in one step-by-step training pack.

Mike Michalkow Is A Moeller Technique Expert

Mike Michalkow has been performing, recording, and teaching drums for over 20 years. He has taken private lessons with Jim Chapin (Sanford Moeller's best and most famous student), Dom Famularo (drumming ambassador and Moeller advocate), John Fisher, Chuck Silverman, Peter Magadini, Mitch Dorge, and Virgil Donati.

I don't know if you recognize all of the names in that list, but I suggest you do some research into exactly who they are. The list is practically a "who's who" of the top drummers that play the very techniques I've been talking about. The fact that Mike has taken lessons from ALL of them is an incredible accomplishment and goes to show just how educated and dedicated he is regarding these methods.

drummer photos

Mike's passion for drums and percussion has earned him a name in the business and his summers consist of heading the drum department in the U.S. for the National Guitar Workshop, and he has also performed at the Vancouver International Drum Festival in October 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 by invitation of Yamaha Drums.

He currently plays and is endorsed by Yamaha Drums, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks and Hansenfutz accessory pedals. He is also a clinician on the Yamaha electronic and acoustic line. Mikes goal as a performer and enthusiastic teacher is to excite and motivate people about drums and music. This has been proven time and time again in each clinic Mike is involved with.

Click Here To Order The Moeller Method Secrets Pack Now!

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